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New email address

Hi all I now have a new official email address for you to message me on at if you send me a message there i'll sign you up to my mailing list for exclusives once my music is released & out in the world!!! 

First person to send me an email there will get an extra treat once my music is released! Get on it now!

dave@niceguydavemusic #niceguydavemusic x

Have A NICE Year....!!!

Hey all, an update on my music...

Hi i'm still working on my songs, sorry that the process is taking longer than expected but well, life gets in the way, But the good news is the longer the wait, the better I get, & even better songs get written & recorded.  And once everything is ready it will all come out at roughly the same time.  Was great fun being at BBC Music Introducing Live over the last few days, today i've been working on more of my music.  It would be awesome if you signed up to my music mailing list for when i'm ready at thank you so much for all of your support it truly means the world to me. #niceguydavemusic x 

Discover The Answer To Everything when it is ready to be released...

Hi I hope that you all are having a nice weekend. No recorded songs will be revealed in full before they are released. I appreciate those that show faith in me & support & believe in me before. Thank you to those looking forward to this summer when all are ready to be heard. Those that judge something before it’s even been discovered or even revealed in full when finished well think again, would you like that done to you? The answer to everything is coming this June. No live performances too before as well. Wait to see & hear what I’m creating on my own when I am ready to show it to the world. Those that back me & help me to reach my goals especially locally & my collaborators I thank you all. It will be a surprise for many I’m sure. I am underestimated by many, but well they’ll realise I’m enough on my own one day. My original music is coming, more news soon of progress. Keep positivifying. Take care all that care, get in touch if you want to help join the music making process or would like to enquire about future gigs for after June. I’ll be ready to live again after then.
#niceguydavemusic x


Happy new year from me & I hope that you had a nice Christmas!  Thanks to all getting in touch by sending an email to to all that do there will be musical surprises sent to you sometime in the next few months before anyone else.... The Answer To Everything is coming believe me!! Hope to see you soon, take care all that care and best wishes, kind regards and love, Dave :-) (y)  x

Thanks to all that came to #discoverunsigned live 15.12.2018 at the Hope & Anchor!

Thanks to all that came to #discoverunsigned live 15.12.2018 at the Hope & Anchor in Islington!  Really enjoyed it & I discovered a few great new acts also!  To get your record on #discoverunsigned radio at please send tagged mp3's to - I have my own show 7pm to 8pm every day (soon with my voice and my songs!) Friend request me on Facebook at http;// and maybe i'll play your songs if you request that I play them by sending me an inbox! Take care all that care, love Dave :-) x

The Answer To Everything 11.06.2019

I have made a conscious decision to release my #niceguydavemusic in 6 months today on my 42nd birthday. this will be on CD & download. So whatever is ready then will be what is released, will most probably be multi-album. there might be a few single download releases before but the huge amount of my songs will be out on Tuesday 11th June 2019. the only place where you can preview & hear the newly recorded music I will release will be live at gigs (including this Saturday 15th June at the Hope & Anchor in Islington) & soon on #discoverunsigned radio from this weekend. I am doing this so i can work on even more new songs currently in development, my well-being & also the way in which i'm going to present my music to the world. I will be involving my fans in the process & offering them the chance to support me on the journey too. Thank you if you are with me. More updates coming soon. Take care all that care, love Dave x (y) #TheAnswerToEverything

Oh the good times they are coming..... :)

Late night working on my music website adding more content whilst listening to my radio station. Oh the good times they are coming..... 

Update 21.10.2018

Working on fresh new music and updating websites etc, stay tuned all! Dave x

Music Heart Positivifying Vibrant Life Through Truth's Forever...

Hello all...

BIG things big surprises happening in December...

More soon,

Dave x

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