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Singer-Songwriter & Musician


Location: Bracknell. UK

Phone: Inbox Dave direct on FB for it:-


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If you want to get in touch with me the best or rather most fastest way is most probably via Facebook.  But please do leave a message below and i'll do my best to get back to you asap.  I'm available for any gigs / festivals,  i'm wiling to consider anything, anywhere as long as it sounds reasonable. I am based in Bracknell, Berkshire however I would be prepared to travel for the right gigs or opportunities. I've done my fair bit for charity in the past so obviously I would again, however I would obviously also really like to start getting paid for my considerable talents too.  Also available for design work, & maybe even band admin / promoter work as i've done that before also.  Please get in touch if you want me.  I will consider any sensible offers fairly, and also open to more future collaboration.  If you have an instrumental track that needs lyrics then maybe send it to me & i'll try my best to come up with some lyrics, as i have with many in the past, or similarly, if you would like to put music to some of my lyrics that would be most welcome also.  Just please make contact direct either via my personal Facebook or via my page or email me at / or via the contact form below, thank you.  I hope to hear from you soon, best wishes & kind regards, Dave :-) x


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