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Singer-Songwriter & Musician



Playing out 24/7 worldwide #discoverunsigned #discoverunsignedradio

Please send tagged mp3's to to be added to the music library & for consideration for adding to music playlists to be majorly updated this year & for live showcase gigs happening later this year to be announced!  

Featuring Halshack Indie Rockcast episodes every night from 8pm with your host Hal Jester from America, stay tuned!


Previous #discoverunsigned live showcase artists:-
#001:- Sectioned, Rob Godfrey, Stone Thieves, Imaginary Dreamers
#002:- Nice Guy Dave, Jacob Maxwell, Bryony, Dead Days
#003:- Ethereal, Jamie Larbalestier, The Keep Cats, A Very Deep Hole, The Keep Cats, Conan Mac
#004:- Nice Guy Dave, Borders Acoustic Duo, Shaun Clark, Joe Symes & The Loving Kind, Leigh Luscious, Jonny Ryan, Foxpalmer, Imaginary Dreamsrs, Luna Lacuna, Freespirits
#005:- The Shattered June, Pandora's Diary, Nice Guy Dave, Andy Payne, Oliver Beardmore, Travelling Souls, Leigh Luscious, Palumbo

+ Much more to come in 2024 WHEN IT RETURNS.... stay tuned...